Friday, October 24, 2008

Tales to Shock, and to Astound, and to Excite, etc.

By now, hopefully you've noticed that I've overhauled the blog--it's been a long time coming and I've finally had the time to make some of the changes I'd been wanting.

Some of you will invariably add yourself to the ranks of friends who have made sure to note that I am not quite this buff.  Well, we all need something to aspire to!  Now go take a flying leap.

Here's an alternate version of the display text on the header.  Magenta is just BETTER.

I've been learning Dreamweaver and am preparing to jump into the deep end and finally get my official, "real" website finished.  Not positive exactly how I want things to look yet, but I've been scouring the internets for information and mentally swiping all sorts of cool stuff that other, more talented artists have been doing.  I'm excited!


delusion said...

Awesome! I like the new look of the page- the tone-gradient border looks great and makes your art pop more, I think... And the title image is sweet! I only wish I could see your bathroom triptych behind the title a bit more! It's very Isaac xD And artists are -so- allowed to embellish as they see fit.. hahaha

Ben Passmore said...

I'm not worried if you're that buff, I'd like to know if you're really that hairless.

KNOWlEDGE said...

You strike me as someone who counts his brushstrokes.

Anonymous said...

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