Saturday, July 21, 2007

That Toddlin' Fuggin' Town

So, something like 85% of the reason that I wanted to go on a weekend trip to Chicago with my family this summer was to see Francis Bacon's Figure With Meat at the Art Institute (An additional 14% was seeing Quimby's Comics). Imagine my joy when I arrived and discovered that they decided--and presumably it was a decision calculated purely to piss me off and ruin my trip--not to have it on display.


On the bright side, they did have three Ivan Albright paintings on display, which were incredible. I still swear I'm going to see a Francis Bacon in person someday before I die--Since Triptych 1973 is apparently in a private collection somewhere, it'll hopefully be Three Figures and Portrait at the Tate Museum or (I was hoping...) Figure with Meat.

Oh, and the pizza really wasn't all that great, either. I must be some type of yahoo or something.