Monday, September 28, 2009

Memory Walk 2009

Last weekend I worked at the 2009 memory walk, where Bil and I provided a little live entertainment for the volunteers for a few hours before the walk. It was a fun time and the event organizers were all great and very hospitable. I even finally got to see poor Bil's Coulrophobia in action!

I cracked myself up while drawing this. I love that.

Those are his mom's fingers, in case you were wondering about my lovely manicure.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

A few more from the tail end of August

Man, I really like the one on the left. So did she; don't let the expression fool you. As for the one on the right... hm.

She didn't want to do it, but Mom made her. Wasn't sure how she was going to take the massive double chin, but she seemed pretty amused. Double chins are a strange thing in caricatures; some people (who have them) are so (apparently) offended by their own appearance that they'll tell you in advance that you'd "better not draw them with a double chin" which of course damages the likeness to some degree.

What an adorable girl.

Wish I had a picture without the face paint for comparison between the two. I was really really happy with the combination of likeness / exaggeration in this one. The green design element in the background was an experiment that I'm considering very successful. I've started incorporating it into all of the color faces that I'm doing--looks a lot cleaner than the atmospheric colored surrounding I've been doing, and I like the way the geometric shape contrasts with the organic drawing.

Not much exaggeration going on here, but I like this drawing. My shading on the black and white ones has been getting better after checking out what some of the other ISCA members have been doing.

Bil drew one sister, I took the other.

I almost threw up from happiness when this guy came over to the booth. Bil said he thought the guy was going to lay me out when he saw the picture, but the truth is I didn't exaggerate that much. God bless this man.

I thought this one was great. With the first drawing of this post and this one, I feel like I'm tapping into a style that I'd potentially like to explore more.

The mouth is all wrong... and the eyes, but the parents thought I nailed it and that it was adorable.

Practicing / Demoing on a slow day. The left one is by Bil Barrett; the one on the right was by me. Guess which one she liked more! Drawing coworkers is a great chance to really exaggerate and take caricature as far as you want in ways that you'd never dare try with a paying customer. Colin and I sort of developed a game over the summer of drawing pictures of Nikki that are as outlandishly ugly and insulting to her as possible. Sometime soon I'll try to get pictures of the other ones we've both done for this blog. What a good sport she is.

Keeping things a little more down to earth here. I've been putting this one in a matte and setting on my easel as a sample on the days that I work with Nikki. Bunny ears supplied by Mr. William Barrett.

Ok, so this is one of the handful of drawings I've done this year where I have to admit I took things a little too far. In my defense, she did have one of the pointiest noses I've ever seen in my life. I was lucky he liked it so much. Live and learn, I guess...