Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I won first place in the annual ACP cartooning awards' comic strip / panel category!

Some of you may recall that this is the contest I second'd last year (behind William Warren, who also won the Charles M. Schulz award that I was a runner-up for last year).  I feel like I'm getting some closure this time around!

Also, big congrats to SCAD's student newspaper, The District, and everyone who helped to earn it a National Newspaper Pacemaker Award this year!  Well deserved.


Ben Passmore said...

I always appreciate a vote of confidence from you. Are you planning on going to any conventions this winter?

Ben Passmore said...

Oh well, I've been trying to find another artist to come with me to one. I'm trying to hock a story to editors so have to start going to conventions.

KNOWlEDGE said...

Congrats man. What are you up to lately?