Sunday, August 02, 2009

Goofy Faces, 8-2-09

I probably could have gone to town with those awesome eyebrows, but it's always best to play it safe with adolescent girls...

Quite possibly the most adorable girl on the face of the earth. I feel really good about this drawing (took longer than it should have, though--hopefully I'll get the hang of drawing Dora and Boots in my sleep soon).

I apparently have absolutely no idea what a helicopter looks like, but this kid loved my rendition of "Air Wolf" regardless. I'd actually never heard of the show (his parents had to explain to me), but after youtubing that intro and laughing myself silly, I'm certainly going to enlighten myself.

And Holy SMOKES, kids really really really really love Spongebob and Dora--this must have been what I was like with the Ninja Turtles at that age.

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HungerArtist said...

Issac, there is no better occupation to gain insight into a real life Clowean drama than that of a caricature artist.

...well, maybe going to art school to, but we've already done that.