Monday, October 18, 2010

Cheeky's Tales: The Cover

Though the cover of Cheeky's Security Blanket is the first thing a reader will see, it was the last illustration I worked on for the book. Lindsay's suggestion was that the illustration show Cheeky trying her best to retrieve her collar from the mud room hook where it hangs. I wanted something with a dramatic, eye-catching perspective that would pull a viewer into the image, and also wanted to make sure that Cheeky was fully visible and looking toward the viewer.

Though I still like the design of this one, we eventually (and with some of the publisher's feedback) decided that the perspective might be too extreme or jarring for younger readers.

Lindsay suggested something from a more standard perspective, such as a view of Cheeky in the same position, just from behind her. I was still hoping for something more eye-catching that also managed to show Cheeky's face and help the viewer to connect with her--inherently a bit of a challenge when the character is facing toward a wall!

This thumbnail managed to retain all the essential information, while keeping a more conventional perspective. We were all happy with this one, but it was decided that Cheeky's expression should be less forlorn and more mischievous--a good change, as it fits better with the overall tone of the book and Cheeky's personality.

Along the way, it was decided that the trash can should be changed to Cheeky's supper dish. The palette also underwent a few revisions from this early state, and a number of adjustments were made to the display text to make it "pop" and look more pleasing.

Above is the final cover as it appears in print. Cheeky's Security Blanket is available from here!

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