Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why her mouth all like that? Why her head so big? How long you been drawing for?

End of the season and I'm emptying out my camera one last time. This is going to be a big one!

This was from a photograph that Dad brought in. As I recall, this is a birthday present for the girl in question. Drawing live caricatures from photographs is pretty awful, though fortunately it doesn't tend to happen particularly frequently. Inevitably the pictures are group shots that somebody took with a digital camera and printed at 72 dpi on their home printer (and probably when the cartridge needed to be changed). Getting an accurate likeness is next to impossible.

Wish I'd added the bill of the cap on the back there. Gotta tie a string around my finger for that one.

My animals still need work. I curse the day my iTouch died for all sorts of reasons, not least of which that I can't google reference images on the fly.

Wish I'd handled this one much differently, in retrospect.

She found a hair in her cheesy fries (gross) not too long after I'd finished, and it was irresistible to me.

I find it really, really difficult to quickly draw really good likenesses of children under a certain age because their features are so similar. Unfortunately, there's a "stock" baby image that I tend to use for most of them that tends to have minor variations based on hair, clothes, eyes, mouths, and noses. This is one of the ones where I tried to break away from this a little. I'm going to need to practice this. Babies are actually really, really enjoyable to draw for whatever reason. Well, probably because parents inevitably fawn over how outlandishly adorable the drawing of their little angel is and it makes me feel good.

I feel like I've gotten noticeably better at handling multiple people in the same image over the past couple months. I used to dread doing more than one person, but now I'm ok with the results as often as not.

Cigarette was a special request. I don't ask questions I just draws the pictures.

Probably my favorite multi-person drawing of the season, and a good image to go out on.

Caricature season is over at the Zoo for the year, so this will probably be the end of the live caricature updates for a while. I had a great time working with a really great group of people. Not only was it fun, it's been great to be pressured to draw fast, to observe, to make confident artistic decisions on the fly, and to work and interact directly with so many people. Even the crazy ones. Hell, now that all is said and done, especially the crazy ones!

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