Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well Looky Here!

I got this in the mail today! Renee Lott kindly sent me a bunch of stuff that I probably don't really deserve for winning a drawing on her blog, including a sketchpad, a "Sassy Eggplant" magnet (???) a bunch of buttons and two minicomics!

Renee's working on a book for Oni Press called Festering Romance.  Check out the work she posts on her art blog here.

I would be remiss if I did not mention how Ms. Lott's inking control has been putting me and many other SCAD alums to shame for years.  I thought it was vector art for the longest time.

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fridgewithfeet said...

Hi Isaac! I'm glad to see you got the gift pack! And you totally deserve it. Not everyone forsakes their lurker status to enter a drawing. I just hope you enjoy everything.

And yes, no vectors! I think the misconception has a lot to do with the size reduction... When I look at the original art, I can't really imagine thinking the stuff is vector, but then I am always very self-critical about the stuff...