Friday, June 22, 2007

Old Ladies

In an effort to keep myself from slipping too far into my typically hedonistic summer lifestyle of drug-crazed orgies and riot instigation, I'm making an effort to keep myself distracted by drawing pictures of elderly women.

I'm trying to keep myself on a regimen of one per day, at the moment. All of these were drawn (with photo reference courtesy of our friend google images--feel free to look up any combination of the words "old" "elderly" "lady" and "woman" if you'd like to see how poorly I draw) in Painter 9 (which I'm currently trying to learn) using this nutty thing I've had since like 1996 that passes for a Wacom tablet.

The elderly ladies are practice for a short story I plan on drawing this summer for SCAD's next anthology, which prominantly features a woman of age. This year's theme is going to be Pantomime (which apparently means they're looking for "silent" comics). Though it's not entirely fleshed out yet, I've got a concept that I feel good about at the moment--it's working in my head, anyway, so hopefully I can cram it from there into the maximum 8 pages that SCAD's allowing (which has become an annual struggle for me, apparently).

As I've got the whole summer to finish this one and polish it up, I'm going to make a real effort to get it looking as nice as I possibly can. My previous two efforts for these anthologies have been far more rushed than I'm comfortable with, and the artwork was mostly a disappointment on both. Hopefully, things will be different this go around.

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