Friday, May 18, 2012

Then—out of the mystery of the unknown—appeared a masked rider (ctd.)

An article about the You Are Here project in today's Toledo Blade:
A dot featuring a woman with a hot-pink face, blue hair, and angel wings is located outside the Toledo School for the Arts. A white feline with green teeth and eyes that reflect the Huntington Center sign can be found outside the arena on the corners of Jefferson and Huron streets.

"When people click on them, they'll immediately get a sense of place," Ms. Stucker said. "They'll look at the list and say 'Oh yeah, I forgot about that place.' "
 (Photo by Toledo Blade photographer Lori King)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Then—out of the mystery of the unknown—appeared a masked rider (ctd.)

Remember that You Are Here dot that I mentioned in the last post? Well here's a couple pictures of it being installed. Sweet. This version is the one complete with the QR code; you can scan it with a smart phone for information about the location's history. Neat!

Looks like the warm spots lost a little bit of their luster in the printing process, and unfortunately that color seems to blend into the sidewalk a little. I dunno though, that has a kind of cool effect... I'll have to swing by to see it in person soon.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Then—out of the mystery of the unknown—appeared a masked rider

My submission for Toledo's "You Are Here" public art project. This image will be printed at 3' x 3' and appear outside of Toledo's historic Ohio Theater.

Opening in 1921, the Ohio Theatre’s first feature was the Douglas Fairbanks film The Mark of Zorro. The Price of admission was 25 cents for adults, and 15 cents for children.

I like to imagine the excitement of that Toledo audience as they took in Fairbanks’ swashbuckling performance for the first time. Even today, watching a copy of the film downloaded from an internet film archive, I felt a giddy thrill as I watched Zorro make fools of his corrupt foes, one by one. It’s easy to envision that audience, seeing the same action projected onto the big screen nearly a century ago, feeling the same thrill.

You can learn more about the You Are Here project here: